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Marriage or cohabitation is a big step in anyone’s life, and having a cohabitation or prenuptial agreement can help lay the foundation for parties before they take that step.

Clever Law can provide a selection of documents or agreements to conclude aspects of cohabitation or prenuptial agreements, but please note that if there are any assets or material financial aspects to a cohabitation or nuptial arrangement, then both parties should take independent legal advise from a family loan solicitor before entering into any agreement.

Our technology, partnered with our skilled team of paralegals, makes issuing legal correspondence or creating contracts stress-free and cost-effective.

We provide documents to cover a wide range of prenuptial and cohabitation agreements, to provide each party's obligations and claim to any material individual or shared assets. However, Clever Law does not provide legal advice.

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"Clever Law have really helped me see light at the end of the tunnel.  I thought the only options available to me were either expensive or time-consuming. Their service has given me peace of mind, whilst keeping more money in my pocket!"
- David, Leeds
"Clever Law's service has provided me with the legal resources that I was so desperately looking for, whilst saving me £££ in legal fees. Their online tool is very easy to use and made the whole process of issuing documents quick and smooth."
- Sarah, London